Automatic reblading machine

Automatic reblading machine

Reblading MEGA

The automatic reblading machine "MEGA", has been designed and constructed to reblade, pre-grind and balance cylinders of shaving and fleshing machines.

The machine can be supplied also in the simple model, only for reblading without grinding and balancing. Today, after more than 35 years of production, with more than 120 machines working in all over the world, Escomar Italia srl is able to supply a strong and absolutely reliable machine, with a simple working concept and high precision, for any kind of cylinder to reblade.

The main features of this machine are:
total lenght for the cylinders to reblade mm. 3400;
max diameter of the cylinders mm. 450;
automatic device for the advancing of the grinding stone;
strong carrying main frame;
movable carriage which includes the reblading group, blade pressure device, pre-grinding group and caulking copper feeding;
cylinder supports adjustable in higness;
rotation speed for pre-grinding and balancing controlled by inverter;
motovariator for the reblading;
motor reducer for the carriage translation;
security barrier to stop the work on all the machine lenght;
magnetic sensors for the unbalancing control;
electric and electronic devices for work and protection;
air compressed distributor group.

Additional operations

Escomar Italia srl, following its great experience on the tannery machines maintenance, has produced the reblading machine "MEGA" in order to do also additional operations very useful in the maintenance of some tannery machines.
Intalling on the reblading machine "MEGA" the proper equipment, infact, it is possible to do parallel rectifications with decimal tollerances and electronic balance of several blades or rubber rollers for wet blue sammying machines, buffing machines, sammying and setting out machines, etc. with diameter up to mm. 450.



Simple Reblading machine Complete Reblading machine
Net Weight
2000 3000
Requested Power
1,5 16
5700x 1500x 1500h 5700x 1500x 1500h


Reblading machine

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