The evolution in vacuum dryers technology
Escomar “Evo-dry” (worldwide patented)

The evolution in vacuum dryers technology Escomar “Evo-dry” (worldwide patented)

Evo dry

After years of experience and research, Escomar Italia s.r.l. has developed a revolutionary and reliable DRY VACUUM SYSTEM specific for the leather drying under vacuum.

EVO-DRY system is an epocal revolution, solving the various technical problems, reducing the plant, drying and pollution costs, so that it makes all the vacuum systems at present in the market obsolete.

Escomar “EVO-DRY” is


It doesn’t need water or oil to produce vacuum, it works completely “in dry”, and eliminates the contamination problems of the leather steam with water or oil. Practically, there is no consumption of water and oil, solving all the pollution problems.

Escomar “EVO-DRY” is


In its versions it develops the most powerful aspiration available in the market and reaches a strong vacuum depressure, able to dry leathers at low temperatures.

Escomar “EVO-DRY” is


The electric consumption is really inferior to the traditional systems No specifi c maintenance is required. Moreover, EVO-DRY can work normally without the support of the expensive “Chillers”.

Escomar “EVO-DRY” is


Thanks to its simplicity, it reduces at minimum the risk of the machine stops, and it is managed by a PLC which controls the regulation and safety valves.

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